Your Microbiome & A Healthier You!

by Dana Grove December 26, 2016

Your Microbiome & A Healthier You!

MSPrebiotic® is an all-natural prebiotic that is quickly gaining popularity in the health care industry.  As more and more research unveils the secrets of the microbiome – the medical industry is becoming more and more aware of the way this internal ecosystem balances the entire body!

The microbiome is paramount to good health, and a vital element in human physiology.  That is to say, that this internal ecosystem which is made up of more than a hundred trillion different types of bacteria that play a significant role.  These bacteria are responsible for helping us to digest food, fight disease and synthesize the vitamins, nutrients and minerals we ingest.






Both probiotics and prebiotics are beneficial to your body.  Probiotics are actually beneficial live bacteria that you ingest and add to the culture in your stomach.  Not all probiotics are the same, as many contain different types of bacteria – and each of these different types can benefit your body in different ways.  Probiotics are an excellent way to balance the microbiome.

Prebiotics, like MSPrebiotic® function a little differently.  These are not live bacteria…  They aren’t any kind of bacteria at all!  Prebiotics, simply put, are the “food” or fuel that the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract eat.  They are not digested by us – not really…  It is the microbiome that makes use of them – and not just one or two strains of bacteria either!  Various different types of healthy bacteria in this internal ecosystem make use of this food source – including some that cross-feed others!

Prebiotics and probiotics can be used together, as one strain adds to the microbiome and the other feeds the entire microbiome.   As a healthy population of the good strains of bacteria are maintained, bad bacteria is crowded out and the good thrives…  And this has a huge impact on overall health.

Our microbiome is constantly working to maintain a state of balance (homeostasis) and this is something that prebiotics can help balance.  Our microbiome is constantly working to recover from the foods we eat, things in our environment, and the stress we undergo in a day – not to mention the impact of things like illness, injury and use of medications!

As long as we are able to maintain our internal ecosystem, it works for us – helping us fight diseases, increase immunity and just overall helping deliver things we need to different parts of our body.  Your microbiome really is the key to a healthier you!


Dana Grove
Dana Grove


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