MSPrebiotic® Peanut Butter Coconut Energy Ball

by Red River College August 01, 2018

MSPrebiotic® Peanut Butter Coconut Energy Ball

These energy balls are so easy to make, and they are a perfect grab-and-go nutritious snack!


  • ½ cup Peanut Butter, smooth no sugar added
  • ½ cup Hemp Hearts
  • ½ cup Peanuts, Crushed
  • ½ cup Coconut, Unsweetened
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
  • ½ Banana, sliced
  • 5 tsp MSPrebiotic®

Takes - serves 5 servings (3 -20g balls per serving).


  1. In a large mixing bowl mash the banana and peanut butter together until smooth
  2. To this mixture add all remaining ingredients and mix by hand until well combined
  3. Using a tablespoon as a guide divide the mixture into 15 equal sized portions
  4. Using your hands roll each portion into a ball.
  5. Store the energy balls in a sealed container in the fridge until ready to eat
To make this recipe FODMAP friendly, omit the banana.

Red River College
Red River College


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