What is MSPrebiotic®?

MSPrebiotic® is a supplement that is specifically designed to work at your core to balance the healthy bacteria in your digestive tract, and this has a host of benefits including improving digestion, weight management, increasing energy and boosting the immune system.

How does MSPrebiotic® work?

MSPrebiotic® works by providing a source of fuel for the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.  As the healthy population of bacteria thrives, it chokes out the bad bacteria that also resides in the gut.  This healthy bacteria plays a very big role in our your overall health, both directly by increasing energy and strengthening the immune system, and indirectly by improving the way our bodies use the water, vitamins, nutrients and minerals we put into them.  As we improve how our body works at its core, we see a host of benefits

You can read more on our how it works page for details.

How do I add MSPrebiotic® to my diet?

MSPrebiotic® is a powder which can be taken in a variety of ways.  Some people take it with a cold drink or a smoothie, but it can be added to a cold snack like cottage cheese or yogurt.  The powder is odorless and tasteless, and it does not impact the flavor when mixed in with food or a drink.  What is most important, is that it is taken with something cold – adding MSPrebiotic® to warm food will reduce its effectiveness.

Is MSPrebiotic® safe to use with special dietary requirements?

MSPrebiotic® is actually grain free, gluten free, lactose free, caffeine free…  It qualifies, not only as vegetarian – but also, as vegan! 

How much MSPrebiotic® should I take?

It’s recommended that you start adding MSPrebiotic® to your diet slowly.  Most people start with a half scoop for the first week or two, and then gradually increase to a scoop a day.  In time, you can adjust to add more to your diet - after all, people come in different shapes and sizes!  The optimal dosage varies from person to person, but most people find a scoop a day works just great!

Are there medical ingredients in MSPrebiotic®?

No, there are not.  MSPrebiotic® is a natural supplement, and contains no GMOs, fillers, dyes, binders or any obscure ingredients.

Are there any side effects?

When you add MSPrebiotic® you will be creating change within your digestive tract.  At your core, the bad bacteria is crowded out while the population of good bacteria is increased – and with continued use, this will become the “normal” balanced state within your gut.  As your body adjusts to this change, there can be side effects like bloating or gas.  However, these side effects are greatly reduced – if not completely eliminated – if you begin with a small amount of MSPrebiotic® and increase it slowly.

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