Maximize your performance using an untapped energy source 

The problem: Many energy supplements offer carbohydrates formulated for long-term release, aiming to fuel activity through tough workouts, and are typically exhausted after an hour or so. These products all suffer from the same problem: once the carbs are digested and the glucose burned, the body turns to other energy stores such as fat. While good for weight loss, this outcome will not improve athletic performance.

The solution: There exists an untapped energy source that can help fortify energy levels and improve performance – Prebiotics. Our prebiotic resists digestion, while supporting the growth of healthy gut microbes. Bacteria break down prebiotics in the gut, creating byproducts such as short chain fatty acids (SCFA’s) that are absorbed into the blood stream and used by our body as an additional energy source. MSPrebiotic® has been clinically shown to increase the supply of SCFA’s in the body, providing this additional fuel.

The take-away: MSPrebiotic® can be used alone, or in combination with alternative energy supplements, to provide a valuable, long-lasting energy boost without impacting blood sugar or insulin levels. Importantly, the breakdown of MSPrebiotic® into SCFA's is slow and the release of energy constant, in contrast to traditional energy supplements.


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