Renew & balance the microbiome 

The problem: Through the aging process, our bodies can change in ways that are largely out of our control. A balanced microbiome is the core of our overall health, but the microflora in our digestive tract also change with age, decreasing in diversity while many of the ‘good bacteria’ are lost from this ecosystem. A diminished microbiome is often associated with digestive health issues such as irregularity.

The solution: MSPrebiotic® replenishes the body by renewing the healthy microflora in the digestive tract. As healthy microflora feed on MSPrebiotic®, they replicate and increase in numbers, crowding out harmful bacteria while conferring numerous health benefits. This product has been clinically shown to reverse age-related changes in the gut microflora, thereby returning this ecosystem to one more typical of a healthy, younger individual.

The take-away: Supplementing your diet with MSPrebiotic® offers a simple solution to treat and help prevent common age-related digestive health issues.



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